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Summer Fun Mini Trials & CT

June 16

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Judge: TBD
Opening Date: May 19, 2024
Closing Date: June 6, 2024

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The CAF Summer Fun Mini Trials & CT is a great way to get yourself and your horse experience at a horse trial without the cost of a recognized event. Overnight stabling will be available.  Limited Hook-ups offered. Come a day early for the Day Before the Trials Event Derby or just come for the mini Trial.

Fees:  See online registration.

Refunds: No refunds after closing date, refunds less $10 office charge before closing date. No refunds if event is canceled due to extremely adverse weather conditions Substitutions: will be allowed for a horse OR a rider in the same class. A $10 change fee will apply. Anything else constitutes a new entry, and will be accepted or not as time allows.

Arena:  Dressage will be held in a 20 x 40 M Sand ring, if entries warrant a second arena an indoor will be used  
Jumping classes will be held outside in a 120’ x 200’ all weather sand arena.    
Cross Country:  Straightforward, appropriate courses for all levels.  Water and ditches at Beginner Novice up, Option for Starter and GAG.  Courses timed for Starter through Training, GAG has no optimum time for show jumping or x/c.

GAG—8-12 fences 18” max height, no time,
Starter:  10-14 fences 2’3” max height, x/c 270 MPM 
Beginner Novice:   14-18 Fences, 2’7” max height,   x/c 320 MPM
Novice:  16-20 fences, 2’11” max height,   350MPM
Training:  18-24 fences, 3’3” max height,   420 MPM x/c

Awards:  Horse Trials:  Placing to 8th   

Facilities:  Bathrooms in two barns.

Food: TBD. We do try to have a food truck for breakfast/lunch on Sunday when possible.

Attire:    ASTM helmets are required at all times when mounted. Vests and medical information bands are required for cross country.  Formal attire is not required.  Neat polo shirt, boots and breeches or boot-like half chaps and paddocks are fine.  Braiding is optional.

Come Again Farm

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