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Day Before The Trials Derby

June 15

Event Date:  June 15, 2024

Judge: TBA
Opening Date:  May 19, 2024
Closing Date: Jun 6, 2024

All entries must be done online!

Derbies will be a mix of show jumps on the 100×200 sand arena and cross country jumps on Grass derby field. The
courses will NOT run in the same track as the Horse Trials on Sunday, though some of the jumps will be the
same. Derbies are open to everyone, not just competitors in the horse trials. Pre-entry is required. Courses will be
measured with an optimum time. There will be NO dressage for this derby.

Permanent stalls on grounds. Stalls MUST BE LEFT CLEANED.

Levels Offered: Green As Grass (max 18”), Starter (Max 2’3”), BN (Max 2’7”), Novice (Max 2’11”), Training (Max
3’3”); Prelim (Max 3’7”)

Scoring: Rails will be 4 PP; Refusals will be 10 pp (show jumps or XC jumps); Time penalties will be at
.4/second. There will be no dressage tests associated with this competition. Closest to optimum time without faults
wins ties, if tied most stylish round wins.

Awards: Ribbons through 8th & payback for all classes with 3 or more entries.

Entry Fees: TBD.  $5 of this goes to payback for all classes with more than 3 entries. Winner gets 75%, 2nd place gets
25% of the pot.

Schedule: This will depend on how many people enter. We will likely start about 1 and be done by 5.
Derby 1—Step over poles
Derby 2—GAG
Derby 3—Starter
Derby 4—Beginner Novice
Derby 5—Training
Derby 6—Prelim

Overnight stabling is available if you would like to stay for the Horse Trial on Sunday. Online Registration will be available here closer to the opening date.

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