Come Again Farm | 406 W 256th St., Sheridan, IN 46069

About CAF

Come Again Farm is owned and operated by Lee Ann Zobbe. Lee Ann has been involved in the equine community for 50+ years as a competitor, organizer, volunteer, barn manager/owner and lover of horses.   She has competed in multiple disciplines, primarily Eventing and Dressage, but also competed in Endurance and Hunter/Jumpers.  She was awarded the USEA Cornerstone Award in 2013, and the IEA lifetime achievement award in 2020.

Lee Ann moved into what is now Come Again Farm in late 2015–the farm started life as a Morgan breeding and showing facility, and seemed uniquely suitable to her dream of building a schooling/training facility for the Indiana equine community.     Over the years she has added an outdoor all weather jumping ring, a dressage ring, and built a cross country course.   In developing the facility the idea was to bring the best talent possible in to help people reach their dreams, whether they be going over logs in the field or getting to the pinnacle of the sport.   It has been a very rewarding journey.

As an instructor, Lee Ann has developed riders from just starting to several that have gone on to compete at Advanced.   She takes as much joy in seeing a mom enjoying going around a cross poles class as she does having riders go to the highest level.   It’s all about the journey.