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Fall Festival CT, Derby & Dressage

September 8

The CAF Fall Festival CT, Derby & Dressage Show is a great way to get yourself and your horse experience over all the types of jumps of a horse trial.  The Derby competition consists of a dressage test followed by a jump course combining both stadium and cross-country fences. There are approximately 12-22 obstacles on varied terrain, and may include banks, ditches and water, appropriate to each level.

Combined Test: Dressage test + Stadium Jumping
Event Derby: Dressage test + Jump course including both stadium and cross country fences.
GAG—8-12 fences 18” max height, no time,
Starter:  10-14 fences 2’3” max height, x/c 270 MPM 
Beginner Novice:   14-18 Fences, 2’7” max height,   x/c 320 MPM
Novice:  16-20 fences, 2’11” max height,   350MPM
Training:  18-24 fences, 3’3” max height,   420 MPM x/c
 Awards:  Horse Trials:  Placing to 8th   

Attire:    ASTM helmets are required at all times when mounted. Vests and medical information bands are required for cross country.  Formal attire is not required.  Neat polo shirt, boots and breeches or boot-like half chaps and paddocks are fine.  Braiding is optional.

Come Again Farm

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